Somers Intermediate

Gardening at Recess

Our greenhouse was bustling with activity at recess time this afternoon!


 This is Caroline Fanelli.  She is a former SIS Parent.  She is also a Master Gardener and Horticultural Therapist who loves sharing her passion for the natural world with children.  We are delighted to have her volunteering to work with a dozen third graders every Wednesday afternoon.


Students learn how to tend to our greenhouse.


They see that evaporation happens very quickly, and that it is important to keep on top of the watering.

They also realize that some less-than-glamorous work is required…


For instance, cleaning is an ongoing need in the greenhouse!


Students also find there is a lot to do outside on the greenhouse in December.


Today there was a lesson on cultivating the soil.

Students also learned how to safely use shovels and spent time planting clusters of tulips for the Spring!


Mrs. Fanelli will also be working with all interested SIS Students on Wednesday afternoons in the Winter through her program with Somers Parks and Recreation.  You can click here for more info!




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