Somers Intermediate

Trail Day Gets a New Event

For the past four year our school community has gathered regularly for Trail Day.  It is a morning dedicated to ensuring that our wooded nature trails are both safe and beautiful!  The hard work of volunteers is always balanced with fun times out in the beauty of nature.

This year, as students, parents and staff members are considering a mid-morning break, Mr. Ortiz (our school counselor) and Mr. DaVanzo (fifth grade teacher), are getting ready for a fun new activity.  Sporting Ghillie suits, they head into the woods for a great game where students will have to find a hidden Mr. Ortiz.  (They don’t know that a poorly hidden Mr. DaVanzo is going to be a decoy!)

At the starting line the students’ excitement is palpable!

Some students are certain they found Mr. Ortiz, only to realize they were tricked by Mr. DaVanzo.  They searched for quite a long while in the woods.

Finally Julia is able to find Mr. Ortiz just as he moved some of the brush in which he was hiding.  She wins a pizza party for her entire third grade classroom!

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