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My actual lunch from today...

This is a picture of my lunch from today.  I do my part to reduce a local landfill by using my own plate rather than the biodegradable food tray (it happens to also make the meal slightly more photogenic).  You may ask, “Mr. Griffiths, are you having a hard time finding new subject matter for the blog?”  My response, “No, not at all!”  You need to know that our cafeteria is something worth celebrating.

I eat in the cafeteria almost every day.  Yes, I own a car and usually have a few spare bucks in my pocket, but I honestly love what is served.  I, like a lot of the kids, especially love Fridays because of the pizza.  It is not too sweet.  As a matter of fact there is no corn syrup in either the dough or sauce, so it tastes far more wholesome than the typical lunch line fare.  Plus, there is always an amazing salad served alongside the slice. In the growing season we even supplement the salad with fresh ingredients from our gardens.

If you are familiar with our monthly menu you may know that, for about a decade, we feature an extra special healthy choice selection every Wednesday.  Next week it is a baked potato stuffed with broccoli & cheddar cheese.   The following Wednesday it is Chicken Cacciatore over brown rice with an organic spring mix salad.

I came across a recent Reuters article that describes the new federal legislation entitled the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act (HHFKA).  Its intention is to combat a culture of schoolchildren “accustomed to a steady diet of pizza and french fries.”  I am proud that here at SIS we never considered there to be a serving of vegetables in a slice of pizza!  Our food service staff (head by Norma Zeller at the district level, and Liz Voss here at SIS) guarantee that fresh ingredients can be found at every meal.  I praise our cafeteria for being years ahead of the curve on healthy choices.  Please join us in encouraging kids who are purchasing lunches to take advantage of the wonderful choices we have for them each and every day.

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