Somers Intermediate

The Six Pillars

At SIS we believe that a strong emphasis on social and emotional development is vital during the intermediate years.  One way we have students consider effective behaviors is through the Six Pillars of Character.  One of these six words, developed by CharcterCounts!, are presented to students every month.  The word is formally introduced and defined in an age-appropriate way during our monthly Town Meeting.

A reminder of this word is hung in a special glass case in our school’s “Hallway of Kindness.”

Classrooms find various ways to keep this word on the minds of our students!

In one fifth grade classroom students post moments they notice classmates exhibiting this character trait.

Did you know that our fourth and fifth grade student planner is published by CharacterCounts?  It provides students with great information about the Word of the Month, and contains well-written, short biographies of famous people who exemplify that particular character.

Feel free to use this as a resource for your own valuable conversations about character at home.

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One thought on “The Six Pillars

  1. Alycia Forbes on said:

    Thanks for the informative email. We will be adding citizenship to our word wall at home!

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