Somers Intermediate

Teaching Democracy by Living Democratically!

The Somers Intermediate School Student Government is very different than most government models one might find in an elementary school.  It is guided by a rather simple philosophy:  A school that exists for the benefit of children must encourage their voices to consider areas for improvement and empower their energies to realize change.

Mrs. Olinto, the teacher adviser for our student government, has been working with students and staff to launch this year’s campaign season.  Students examine the qualities of leadership and are reminded to vote for candidates that embody these principles.

The Monday before Election Day, voters assembled by grade level to listen to campaign speeches.  Candidates know that they can not present unrealistic promises.  They speak of their personal strengths.  They express a desire to represent the ideas of others.  They communicate those feasible ideas they think would improve our school.

Ballots were cast and results will be announced today!  Then the work of the government will immediately commence.  Elected representatives will listen to the thoughts of their peers.  When they hear feasible ideas that they support, a bill is drafted.  At government meetings these bills are presented, discussed, amended, and sometimes become law.

Through the efforts of our government, all students at SIS have the opportunity to experience how a true representational democracy works hard to build a better society!





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