Somers Intermediate

Our 1st Town Meeting

Every month our entire school congregates for a very special celebration called Town Meeting.  At the first part of town meeting students learned about our before and after school club activities.  They learned how to register for them online as well!

One great aspect of Town Meeting is learning appropriate audience behavior.  Sometimes they need reminders, but most of the time our students are the most respectful anywhere!

Along with Artist of the Month, the Author of the Month is a regular feature of Town Meeting.  Above we see Claire reciting her poem entitles, “Fall.”

The Presenter of the Month presents information on a topic the are passionate about.  Above we see Mackenzie and her friends introducing us to her cousin, Logan.  She is passionate about fundraising for a cure to a condition he possesses.

At the end of the Town Meeting audiences look forward to our Presenter of the Month.  Presenters of the Month must be very tenacious.  Mr. Griffiths usually makes them tweak their act and audition many times before they get on stage.  Julianna and Diana did a fantastic job dancing to “Firework.”

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One thought on “Our 1st Town Meeting

  1. Great Job Claire! awesome poem

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