Somers Intermediate

Safety First


Our first sunny day of the school year afforded us the opportunity to begin practicing our fire drill routine. This morning right after announcements we conducted a silent drill, walking through procedures without any alarms.  At 10:30 the alarms blasted and we did the drill under real-life conditions.  Our staff and students did an extraordinary job!


We are fortunate that the majority of classrooms have exterior doors.  When practicing for emergencies our building is evacuated very, very quickly!


Grade levels congregate at a safe distance from the building and well out of the way of any potential emergency vehicles.  Above we see the 3rd Grade gathering on our fields.


The 5th grade classes meet near our vegetable garden.


Perhaps a little less glamorous, but equally as safe, our 4th graders wait at the rear of our upper parking lot for the “All’s Clear Signal”

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